Bright Green Studio launch

December 1, 2018 by admin0

Today we’re launching Bright Green Studio, a collaboration between two professionals who met whilst changing direction towards a sustainable future. Sat and Kate met whilst studying for an MSc in Sustainable Building: Performance and Design at Oxford Brookes University. With a shared vision of the future of house building, they combine their knowledge and expertise to create beautiful, comfortable, sustainable homes, which are future ready and a pleasure to live in.

Sat has been a practising architect for more than 15 years, working across industry sectors. With the MSc now complete she is refocusing her professional expertise to design efficient, high-performing buildings which work for the future, without compromising aesthetics. Kate’s first career in marketing and data analytics was a great springboard for the analytic and consulting skills demanded by the MSc course, and her focus is on optimising building performance and reducing materials’ impact, whilst working to demystify the complex subject of sustainability for those building or extending homes. Both partners have specific interests and bring different strengths to the design process, combining efforts especially in the analysis of climate resilience to ensure buildings work now and in the future.

Follow our blog to learn about our three main areas of work:

  • Creating high-performing buildings with low running costs – this is a three-step process which can be applied to any building design
  • Specifying materials to minimise environmental impact and create healthy indoor environments
  • Delivering measurable comfort – this means good daylight levels without glare, reducing summertime overheating risk and ensuring your home is warm in colder months

Get in touch with us if you have a building project in its early stages and want to reduce its impact, make sure it’s efficient and low-cost to run, or make sure it’s a great place to live when complete. We can work with you directly on the whole process, or alongside your existing architect or designer.

If you’re an architect, architectural designer, interior designer or builder and have a client who wants to deliver a sustainable building, get in touch with us to understand the process of design optimisation to reach the client’s goals without impacting design or aesthetics.

We’d love to talk to you! Welcome to Bright Green Studio.

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